"The heart of a human being

is no different than the

soul of heaven and earth.

Your heart is full

of fertile seeds

waiting to sprout."

O-Sensei, Morihei Ueshiba

(1883-1969), Founder of Aikido



Taking its name from my first book of poetry, the School of Soft-Attention is a way of inner work influenced by Eastern and Jungian principles. It is not a school with a physical building, but rather an approach; a way of sacred inquiry. It is a form of spiritual co-walking and soul-tending, not psychotherapy or mental health counseling. Each person is viewed as a fellow traveler, a Wayfarer, not as a student, patient, or client. There are no doctors or gurus here. Your own soul is the path and my role is to walk with you along the way.

Through this work, a learning process is activated and unfurls toward greater awareness, integration, and life-path congruence. The journey flows at a natural pace, honoring the themes that arise — which may apply as much to matters of creativity, lifestyle, and present-day life choices as it does spirituality, the impact of these times, or past experiences of heart-mind.

My perspective is shaped by my academic studies, my spiritual training, and the Jungian psychodynamic view, which holds that each of us has a soul that actively moves us toward wholeness. The view here is that the soul has its own autonomous intelligence whose unfolding process and wisdom is always available to us, but which is often concealed in the subterranean depths of who we are, offering insight in gradual but often very pivotal ways.

To access the wisdom of the soul requires an ongoing practice of slowing down and paying attention. I call this discipline contemplative soulwork. Through deep listening, dialogue, and sacred inquiry, which occurs through both face-to-face video sessions and written dispatches ("soul reports"), we cultivate fluency in your soul's unique language of arising themes, images, dreams, stirrings, somatic processing, and revealed instructions.

A core premise of this approach is that each human soul is a microcosm (a holographic mirror reflection) of the active principles of the soul of Nature and the Source behind all life. In this way of working, we are on a spiral journey together, one that has its seasons and cycles that call for both inward times of solitary introspection and outward times of path-crossing, comparing notes, addressing challenges, and mapping the overall process.

Both of these facets — times of solitary inner-looking and times of connecting — are consciously woven into the rhythm of this work. Holding space for the overall process (conscious, unconscious, and what is gradually being revealed) is what the exploratory inner work of the School of Soft-Attention is all about.


+ People traveling through the sometimes confusing terrain of midlife (or other life transitions)

+ Individuals exploring themes of spiritual formation, spiritual direction, and spiritual discernment

+ People undergoing the challenging, sometimes destabilizing states of the creative and initiatory process

+ People seeking to develop a deeper relationship with their inner world and dreams

+ HSPs (highly-sensitive persons) and empaths just beginning to learn about their traits

+ Leaders and managers in organizations navigating inner and outer change

+ Those fellow travelers interested in cultivating a meditation practice and contemplative life

+ People who have actively chosen to follow a hermit path of spirituality (but who still need support on their way)

+ Artists, writers, and poets (or would-be creatives) working through creative blocks or seeking to establish an art practice

+ Individuals deprogramming from religious abuse, fundamentalism, or other forms of energetic confusion related to human dynamics

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